Top 3 Obsidian Bracelets

Top 3 Obsidian Bracelets

We all know what Obsidian is and where it comes from. For those who don’t know, Obsidian is an igneous rock born from the hot lava in a volcanic eruption. Now, why people wear it is yet another exciting topic. People wear it because of its immense capacity to heal those who are distressed, or their energy fields are blocked for various reasons.

In this article, we will review some of the best-rated Obsidian Bracelets from Amazon as people prefer them widely to clear their blockages, and it can be adorned as a jewelry piece.


SX Natural Bracelet

Price: $14.99

This is a set of 2 Obsidian Bracelets for a couple and is conceptualized on the belief that dragon and phoenix bring wealth and prosperity. The two are carved on the cylindrical frosted bead on this hand string. It is made of 100% obsidian beads and works wonders for what it claims. It also has two additional beads for anyone with a big wrist size.


It is inexpensive for the benefit it offers.The elastic in which the beads are woven is not durable and easily breaks.
The two additional beads facilitate adjustment of the size of the bracelet.

Om Shanti Crafts Bracelet

Price: $25.99

This piece is unisex and is a combination of genuine natural Obsidian and tiger stone, which maximizes the healing capacity as both the stones work in providing relief against ills and negativity. It serves dual purposes as it can be worn as a bracelet as well as a necklace. It is known for its capabilities of crystal healing. To explain in detail, let us see the healing properties of the tiger stone and Obsidian.


  • It promotes focus, clarity, and problem-solving abilities.
  • It reduces fear, tension, and anxiety and stabilizes volatile emotions and mood swings.
  • It enhances courage and self-confidence and acts as a shield against negative energies.


  • It reduces resentment, fear, and anger and helps in dispersing selfish intentions and thoughts.
  • Remove accumulated negative emotions and block geopathogenic radiation.
  • It also aids in letting go of past love and boost self-control.


It can be worn as a necklace and bracelet.The image and the actual product differ.
The beads are 100% genuine.

Boyull Feng Shui Bracelet

Price: $9.99

This exclusive piece of jewelry has Obsidian beads, which are one of seven treasures in Buddhism. It collects reliable power in itself and has been used as a sort of talismans or amulets since ancient times. It is capable of removing pressure, fatigue, foul smell, and other negative energies. The bracelet is designed in such a way that it can be worn as a regular bracelet and is not too flashy.


It is cheaper than the other listed options.The thread in which the beads are woven is fragile and breaks within a few days of wearing.
The unique design is one of the reasons why it is preferred over other items.


The above-listed options for Obsidian Bracelets are the best ones and most purchased by people. These have the best reviews, and you can consider these options as the Obsidian stone is potent and helps you in your problems and could prove to be a great companion.