Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian

All of us have heard about Obsidian now talking about Mahogany Obsidian. We must know that it is a type of Obsidian that contains Magnetite or undulating parts of oxidized hematite, which is why it has brick red or mahogany brown color with a solid black base color.

This can be found in places where volcanic activities have occurred in the past or present. Some of the most critical areas where this stone can be found today include South America, the United States, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Japan.


Mahogany Obsidian is also called “the stone of strength.” This stone is believed to enhance your strength in difficult times. If you feel that you lack in expressing yourself or your full potential is not being used due to past negative experiences of your life, past lives, or your family lineage, then wearing it can help you release these limitations and free up energy to move forward with renewed purpose.

Geological Properties

Mineral Information- Volcanic, amorphous, siliceous glass

Color- Black with red-brown (mahogany) streaks

Hardness- 5 to 5.5 0n the Mohs scale

Specific Gravity- 2.3 – 2.6

Refractive Index- 1.48 – 1.51

Grade Information

EXTRA GRADE: It displays a beautiful combination of red-black and is opaque; it contains less than 10 percent of Matrix.

A GRADE: It is an excellent combination of red and black and opaque. It has 10% – 25% of the Matrix.

B GRADE: It is a poor combination of red and black, opaque, and has greater than 25% Matrix.

Other Information

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Libra (Sept 23 to Oct 22), Scorpio (Oct 23 to Nov 21)



Healing Properties

  • Mahogany Obsidian provides protection and grounding prowess, and also delivers the strength to the weak and needy.
  • It also removes energy cords between people that sap energy and violate boundaries.
  • It will attune your stamina and keep you grounded.
  • It can help in protecting you against psychic attack or from taking on the emotional power of others.
  • This stone may also help you focus on life’s abundances and assist you in releasing the feelings of dissatisfaction.


  • This stone is of great support for boosting your physical health and overall well being. This also has natural healing energy, which may help cure illnesses and achieve significant benefits in physical healing.
  • This may also bring good luck and prosperity as well as enhance the ability to generate additional income. 
  •  This may also aid in making you a better partner and help you in letting go of anything that blocks your positive energies. Further, this may also help get rid of anything that proves to be emotional distress in your relationship.
  • This may help in unlocking opportunities, which may enhance the state of finances. 
  • This stone may be beneficial in letting go of the negative and emotional patterns that affect how you are as a partner. 
  • It is believed to increase sexuality and sensuality, and the sense of touch in particular.


As already seen, Obsidian is considered to be a durable material and can be safely cleaned by using a piece of soft fabric and mild soap. Soap residue can build upon it, so rinse thoroughly and polish it later. As with most gemstones, ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are not recommended. Take care to store Obsidian in a soft case away from hard objects as it can be easily scratched.