Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian is also known as Heaven’s Eye. It is born when the molten lava oozes from the core to the Earth’s surface and cools down to a beautiful glass of fire and Earth. The iridescent rainbow of red, blue, gold, violet, and green are refractions off inclusions and tiny bubbles.

Let us read more about this beautiful creation of nature and uncover the enormous benefits it has to keep a person healthy, cheerful, and help him become successful in life while beating all odds.


Rainbow obsidian is found at the Pink Lady, Lassen Creek Rainbow, Needles, and Middle Fork Davis, all of which are located in the United States. Among these mines, the stone from the Rainbow Mine and Middle Fork Davis Creek is the most sought after.


There is no fixed formula about determining the value of this beneficial stone, and it largely depends on the area of sale. These can be as cheap as $2 and as expensive as $40. But if we look and compare it with other stones, it is not too pricey and also available easily.

Healing Properties

  • This stone is useful and can aid the body’s detoxification process. It helps in clearing the blockages and promotes better functioning of all the body’s organs.
  • This stone has excellent protective and shielding properties. Rainbow obsidian eye is instrumental in easing the search of one’s psyche to identify the root cause of emotional distress and rectify it once you know what is causing you the trauma. 
  • The stone’s energies will motivate you to do good and become a role model for others and influence them to work for others. It will prompt you to concentrate on the positive and disregard negative thoughts.
  •  It keeps you grounded by establishing a secure connection to the energies of the Earth and also helps in alleviating fears or resentment.
  • This stone’s energies will inspire you to be more open and accepting while trying new things, be it an adventurous activity or enterprising with your ideas and methods to try your luck in business or entrepreneurship.
  • It can turn the negative energy into positive energy and works as a powerful energetic shield to protect you. It is an excellent stone for anyone who is facing difficulty and going through a hard time.
  • This stone is your companion and holds you when you need it the most. It provides you the strength to help overcome the heartaches and assist you in healing and rising above all odds to win over your weaknesses.

Association with Chakra

This beautiful stone is associated with our Root Chakra and activates it. It pulls us down to Earth and keeps us stay grounded. It’s a stone that can be used to heal a broken heart, provide assistance to someone in grief, and offer love and happiness in abundance to someone in need.


The stone is combined with several other crystals to maximize the benefits and provide the best healing results.