Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

What is life? Is it only work, eat, and sleep? Probably yes, for most of us. In our routine life, we forget to maintain the balance that life demands. Involving in this vicious monotonous cycle, negative vibes at times surround us, and it seems that life is unfair to us. If you also feel the same, then you have come to the right place as we have a solution for you. All your worries can be resolved by this beautiful gem called “Snowflake Obsidian.”

It is one such gem that allows you to halt, breathe, and understand the balance of life.

What is it?

It is a stone of purity. It helps you to keep centered and focused, even in a chaotic situation. It is usually dark in color. In most rocks, there is a presence of small white-colored radially clustered crystals of the mineral cristobalite in the black glass, producing a blotchy or snowflake pattern. Its appearance is symbolic of hope and faith, which states that there is always a light that can be found even in darker times.

Where is it found?

It forms in areas where volcanic activity has taken place in the past or present. These areas lie along the boundaries of tectonic plates. It is found in many regions of the world where volcanic activity has taken place.

In the United States, it is found on the West Coast, an area with high tectonic activity levels. It also occurs where magma has high silica content. Granite and rhyolite have a similar composition, which has high silica content, but it’s much faster cooling rate creates its glassy texture. It is chiefly found in Mexico and the United States (Oregon).

Formation and properties

The formation of this stone is a fascinating process.

  • Unlike other crystals, it is born from volcanoes. It is a volcanic glass that turns into an igneous rock.
  • When magma cools down, Snowflake Obsidian crystals begin to form, giving the rock a more textured appearance. The stones are found underground, in cracks and above ground wherever the slow-moving, silica-rich lava flows.
  • Obsidian is an acidic siliceous rock that contains about 70% of silica. It has a glossy shine to it and a very sharp-edged break. It is also one of the hardest rocks on the planet.
  • Formerly, the stone was found in the shape of different tools and weapons, which were supposedly used by the early men. But now it has come to be known as a precious stone which is used as jewelry. Not only because it has a beautiful presence but mainly as it attracts numerous powers and effects.

Healing properties

Our mind is always in a constant battle with the problematic situations around us, which tend to stress us out. To relieve this stress and have a peaceful sleep, we usually take sedatives in the form of sleeping pills, which are more likely to be addictive and cause side effects hampering our psychological and physiological well-being.

What if you were told that you could say no to such medicines and avoid them altogether? What if the stress-free peaceful life could be possible with the help of a crystal? Would you not be pulled towards the glass to find relief for your pain and seek mental peace?

  • It is the so-called crystal that helps you heal on a holistic level uniquely without leaving any side effects or any negative.
  • This stone has the calming essence, which allows you to look for and through yourself, easing the paths of isolation and loneliness.
  • It aids one by answering the primary and the deeply seeded questions in one’s mind with the help of meditation.
  • It improves blood circulation and enhances arthritis, alleviates muscular aches, and spasms.
  • It aids in the healing of an injury, muscular pain, seizures, and braces the smoothness of the skin.
  • It helps you collect your energy by manifesting it.
  • It draws emotions to the surface and enables you to analyze the unhealthy thought patterns you might have.
  • It becomes your friend and helps you get out of victim consciousness.
  • On the whole, Snowflake Obsidian meaning heals you by taking away the negativity present within and around you to help you cope with situations better.


  • The small beautiful crystal helps you get the negative energy out of yourself and convert that negative energy into positive energy.
  • It acts as a protective stone against false friends and imminent dangers.
  • It keeps the immune system strengthened.
  • Working with this beautiful gem, especially in winters, you can find the balance in life and prepare you for the challenges in spring and summer.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, this magnificent crystal helps you with a fair distribution of goods, resources, finances, etc.
  • If you are stuck in a legal battle, it works like a protective power, favoring you with the final consequence.
  • In general, it helps you attain the right consciousness, gives the opportunity to grow as a person, and to be fair in your life and be truthful in what you’re doing.
  • It helps in synchronicities, gains wisdom, and works as a cleanser, removing all the negative energies.

Association with Chakras

We all believe in the chakras, and this powerful stone is linked with the work of third eye chakra, which helps to focus on one particular part and guides intuition. It helps give an insight into shifting the situation or facing the situation and enables you to transform into a real being. It also works with the root chakra, which helps strengthen our will and life energy with themes such as “I recognize myself and the context of my life,” “I’m ready to learn.” This gem also helps catch anger and transforms into creative energy, guiding us to see the white light ahead in our lives.

What are Obsidian Scalpels?

You got to know about Snowflake Obsidian meaning, and you would be wondering what other stones and items are related to this mesmerizing gem. One such item evolved from it is an obsidian scalpel. It is a powerful tool that emerged from the volcanic glass, which helps produce a finer blade than conventional steel. The obsidian knife’s edges are so sharp that it aids the cutting of durable metal and stones, which are heavier. 

The obsidian scalpel is a good substitute for an expensive diamond knife as it is relatively cheaper than the latter. Not only is it helpful in the field of mining, but it is also useful in the surgical area. As we know, Obsidian as a stone is fragile and born out of the slow melting lava, the blade made out of it would not be able to exert any lateral pressure. Therefore, it needs to be handled with care. The shapes and sizes of obsidian scalpel vary to different uses. These blades are sumptuous as it can beat diamond in the fineness of its edge.