Obsidian Stone Meaning

Obsidian Stone Meaning

We have heard a lot of names when we talk about stones, and Obsidian is one such famous stone that inherits immense powers within itself while ranges from healing to uses in industrial purposes for carving various tools and other things. But it is not a common stone and thus it often leaves as wondering as to what does an obsidian stone means.

In this article, we will look at the stone extensively and study the various aspects to understand it better and more essential details.

What is an Obsidian Stone and how is it formed?

Obsidian is a type of igneous rock which is formed from the rapid cooling of hot lava from the volcanoes. It is also known as the Royal Agate, Xaga, Volcanic Glass, and Glass Agate.

Formation of Obsidian

An obsidian stone is formed by the cooling down of the molten lava. The cooling can happen in numerous ways:

  • When the volcanic lava explodes, and the explosion throws pieces of molten lava flying through the air into the atmosphere where it cools quickly.
  • When the lava flows out of the volcano, the top comes in contact with the wind and cools quickly and becomes a sort of obsidian cap.
  • When lava flows into the water streams, such as the deep hot smokers beneath the ocean or rolls into a lake or an ocean.

Where is it found?

Argentina, Armenia, Guatemala, Iceland, Italy, Azerbaijan, Australia, Canada, Chile, Georgia, Greece, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, Japan, Turkey, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland, and the United States.

Different forms of Obsidians

Golden Obsidian

A type of Obsidian occurs when gas bubbles from the original lava flow are trapped in the Obsidian as it is forming. The impurities of the gasses cause a golden sheen to occur, giving the Obsidian a golden appearance.

This crystal helps you find the hidden meaning any opportunities hold. It discharges the negative energies around us and helps us ease pain, making us grow spiritually. Allowing us to walk on the spiritual path helps achieve a step towards nirvana by removing the egotistical thinking and greed a human being possesses. 

Not just physiological factors, but the golden Obsidian also contributes to biological benefits, especially in cases of men who face the issues of impotence due to stress. Psychologically, it keeps you motivated by attracting positive energies and exposing you to your inner strength and emotions.

Sheen Obsidian

You would be interested in knowing that different obsidians, though originating from the same lava are formed in different ways. Sheen Obsidian is another gemstone that is formed by the gas bubbles remaining from the lava flow exhibiting more or less a unique golden sheen. But some of these do not occur naturally; they are shaped through how they are nurtured. 

Sheen Obsidian heals you from within by acting upon your soul and reflecting on your personal development through meditation. It also helps provide information that enables you to gain insight into what problems you are facing and aids by changing its course. Various sheen obsidians are depending on the play of color sheen – Rainbow, Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Purple Sheens etc.

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Talking about the varieties of sheen Obsidian and not discussing even a single one of them would leave you curious. Let’s disclose some facts about one of the natural sheen obsidians named Silver Sheen Obsidian. Blackish–brownish with bright sparkly silver colored inclusion, this rock is formed from the silica-rich volcanic rock giving it a smooth and shiny texture which produces chatoyancy when viewed in intense light.  

Using such a gemstone will help you enhance your patience and determination by connecting your physical presence to your mental presence. It allows you to understand the deep, unconscious fears by making it conscious in your psyche and helps you come back from your embedded traumas. This is considered to be one of those ancient stones which have had a long connection with humankind.

What is Strawberry Obsidian?

Hearing the name strawberry Obsidian the first question that comes to mind is whether it is shaped like a strawberry or does it have the same look. Neither is true. Well for once the name is misleading.

Strawberry obsidian is a human-made quartz, basically a see-through gem of light pink color helps you speak the secret desires of your heart. This beautiful gem helps you maintain your youthfulness and allows and motivates you to follow the things which give you inner happiness and satisfaction. It will enable you to explore and engage in new experiences, spreading loads of love and joy. 

Strawberry obsidian revolves around the root chakra; therefore, it helps to boost physical energy and allows one to face fear and anxiety issues. It also stimulates the higher heart chakras, and ensures that our hearts are free of emotional stress and unhappiness. This is an essential gem for those who question their self-worth as it validates our self-worth and boosts our confidence and allows us to maintain the balance of extremes.

Properties of Obsidian

Hardness: 5-6

Grain Size: Fine-Grained

Fracture: Conchoidal

Streak (Colors)

It is typically jet-black in color, but the presence of hematite produces red and brown varieties, and the presence of tiny gas bubbles may create a golden glossy touch. Other types are gray, green, and yellow.

Porosity: Smooth

Luster: Vitreous

Healing Properties of Obsidian

  • It is associated with protection, security, and shields you from harmful or unwanted energy.
  • The energy of these stones may give a prophetic insight and boost precognition.
  • Their power encourages you to question your relationships, finances, career choices, or health issues and take necessary corrective measures.
  • They are known to have an excellent healing capacity and aid in the cases of hardening of the arteries, arthritis, cramps, and various circulation problems.
  • It provides powerful protection that assists you in finding your dark side. Obsidian’s healing properties help in clearing all dark patches from your soul.
  • The vibration of the stone aids you in connecting with your spiritual guide.


  • It is an excellent crystal to be used in spiritual or healing work, as it has an intense action to ground you.
  • It can also be a great companion due to its abilities to protect and guard the psyche.
  • It may be used for looking into a shiny piece of the stone in the right light. Using it in low light is usually best when you see the images of loved ones in spirit.
  • It can be incorporated into your day to day meditation practice. It also helps in pushing your devils and getting your right side at the forefront.
  • Obsidian stones can be used to produce a cutting edge as it is thinner and sharper than the best surgical steel tools. Now thin blades of Obsidian are placed in surgical scalpels used for some of the most precise surgery.
  • Obsidian rocks are used in interior and exterior decorations as well. It is used for creating architectural beauty, artwork on walls, and floors of the buildings.

Association with Chakra

Obsidian meaning is linked with the Root Chakra, which is the energy center that stabilizes the system. Obsidian helps to harness the Earth’s energy and makes your connection to its healing vibrations strong by stimulating and activating the root chakra. With Obsidian’s healing properties that enhance the root chakra it is also linked with encouraging a personal inner power that comes from facing your fears. Use its protective energy to shield you from anything that hinders your growth and stops you from fulfilling your deepest wishes and dreams.

Interesting Facts about Obsidian

  • It was found by a Roman called “Obsidius, in Ethiopia. That is why this type of black volcanic glass was called Obsidius’ or Obsidius’ stone.
  • For many centuries they have been used by crystals gazers and shamans to make contact with the spirit world.
  • They are a birthstone for Sagittarian’s, but they can be used by those born under other star-signs as well. 
  • Obsidian arrowheads were a popular trading item as they were so necessary to life, but since it comes from volcanoes, not every tribe had access to the raw materials.
  • Ancients noticed that they could see a reflection in Obsidian and started using it as a mirror. Later, pieces of Obsidian were ground flat and highly polished in order to improve their reflective abilities.

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